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Fix Empty Default Avatar - AmazOuz - 12-31-2018

Hello everyone Smile

Some of you use the avatar image source code {$mybb->user['avatar']} in a user header menu, but there is no image when user has the default MyBB avatar.

Here are two ways how you can fix it.

1.) Download my "MyBB Default Avatar Fix" plugin from here and include it into your theme package.


2) Include the small function into your own theme plugin:

PHP Code:
// defaultavatarfix function by SvePu (http://community.mybb.com/user-91011.html) //
function defaultavatarfix()

$mybb->user['avatar'] && !empty($mybb->settings['useravatar']))
$mybb->user['avatar'] = $mybb->settings['useravatar'];

Credits : https://community.mybb.com/thread-166660.html