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FOnt Awesome Color Change - mfirlotte - 05-24-2020

HI everyone...my first post.

I followed the tutorial on changing the green Emerald Theme,  Worked perfectly!  I copy/pasted the sample provided into a new CSS called color.css.  THANKS!

Only issue I seem to have is all the icons within a thread/topic are still all green.  Everything else changed to my new color but not these.  I think these are Font Awesomes but I went through most all stylesheets and cannot see where I can change the colors of the icons that show things like "New Posts", "Hot Thread", etc at the bottom of the page or the icons placed next to each thread to show whether or not it has been read.

The icon color change worked on the index page but not on any other page for any posts/threads.

Thanks for your help if you can.

RE: FOnt Awesome Color Change - mfirlotte - 05-24-2020

Is okay now...found what I needed in the showthread.css and thread_status.css..